Praise & Worship flags & Banners painted on silk ~ hand painted flags & worship banners ~ silk flags for worship & praise

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Silk Praise Banner/Flag Pricing

Banner 41" x 14ft     $450.00
Flag 41" x 84"           $225.00
square flag 41" x 44"     $125.00      

make special banner request by e-mail
or phone (865)805 1802

praise and worhsip flag, silk flag, praise flag, worship flag, roaring lion star of david flag
Roaring Lion Star Of David Flag
silk 6
Big Menorah flag - praise and worship
Big Menorah Flag
silk 11
Lion Of Judah With Face flag
Lion Of Judah With Face Flag
silk 12
silk banner flag, praise and worship banners, praise flags
The way, the truth, and life Flag
silk 7

Lamb Flag
silk 10
holy spirit fire, holy spirit, fire, pentecostal, dove, spirit, holy spirit
Holy Spirit Fire Flag
silk 9

Eagle American Flag
silk 2

Lion Star of David Flag
silk 1
christ returning, white horse, jesus returning on white horse, jesus coming from the clouds, christ returning
Christ Returning Flag
silk 3
White Lion Flag - white lion praise and worship banner
White Lion Flag
silk 15
big tribal flag, decorative flag
Big Tribal flag
silk 16
calling all nations flag/banner
Calling All Nations
silk 23


Sword of the Spirit
silk 65


All Consuming Fire
silk 53

Crucifixion flag
silk 26
Ark of the Covenant
Ark of the Covenant
silk 25
Two Houses
Two Houses
silk 28
Roaring Lion Fire Flag.
Roaring Lion Fire Flag
Silk 30
Showfar Blower Flag
Showfar Blower Flag
silk 31
Holy Spirit In Blue Flag
Holy Spirit In Blue Flag
silk 33
Pray for peace silk banner.
Pray For The Peace
silk 34
By his stripes ye are healed.
By His Stripes Ye Are Healed
silk 35

Ark Menorah Flag
Ark With Menorah
silk 38

Lion and Lamb flag
Lion And Lamb
silk 39

The Son
silk 48

Yeshua in Fire
silk 47

King Of Glory
silk 45
Ark fire flag big
silk 54
Christ the solid rock
silk 55

Lamb square flag
silk 4
standing lamb talit - praise flag - worship banner
Standing Lamb square flag
silk 13

Lion square flag
silk 5
king of kings worship talit
King Of Kings square flag
silk 14
Roaring Lion Talit 4 ft
Roaring Lion square flag
silk 8
judah tribal talit, decorative flag
Juda tribal square flag
silk 19
Levi Tribal Talit, decorative flag
Levi tribal square flag
silk 20
American Eagle Talit , decorative praise banners
American Eagle square flag

silk 21
Calling all Nations talit, decorative flags
Calling All Nations square flag

silk 22
Shofar Blower talit, decorative banners
Shofar Blower square flag

silk 24
Keys Of The Kingdom Square Flag
Keys Of The Kingdom
silk 32
Alef and Tav talit
Alef and Tav square flag
silk 29
Ephraim Tribal talit
Ephraim Tribal square flag
silk 27
Ark square flag
Ark square flag
silk 37

American Eagle Rainbow
silk 46

Damascus Gate flag Damascus Gate
silk 57

Dung Gate flag
Dung Gate
silk 58

Golden Gate flag
Golden Gate
silk 59

Herods Gate flag
Herod's Gate
silk 60

Jaffa Gate flag
Jaffa Gate
silk 61

New Gate flag
New Gate
silk 62

St Stephens Gate flag
St Stephens Gate
silk 63

Zion Gate flag
Zion Gate
silk 64

Jerusalem old city gates
whole set

All flags will be serged and cased for use with a pole. If you don't want a casing please let me know.

These silk praise and worship flags you're looking at come in several sizes and prices. All the worship flags are 100% habotai silk in 8mm. Each silk worship flag and banner are reproduced with the best of available materials from my original painting. I believe these silk worship flags equip us to war in the heavenlies, to worship in the Holy of Holies, to make a declaration to the principalities and powers that this is OUR territory, OUR land, OUR Nation ! Silk worship flags are the weapons of our warfare as we proceed the armies of the Lord !

. It never ceases to amaze and bless me the anointing others see on these silks worship flags.. I know that I myself am not responsible for that but God Himself has set His banner over us, which is love, so that It's not a stretch to see how He might be pleased to see us raise a flag that glorifies his Son "The Lion of Judah." That's what these silk worship banners and flags are, a way to glorify and bless the Son visually. And to stir one another up to a demonstrative worship and praise. I shall never stop painting to His Glory!

Worship the LORD with praise and worship flags! Custom made by Christian artist Spencer Williams. Each praise and worship flag is reproduced using only the best in materials from a hand painted original and comes to you ready to worship with. It really should never need washing but should be ironed as soon as your able, this will help to set the inks used in the production. Your silk flag was produced using only the best materials available to give it that light weight natural flow. Special requests for new silk banner designs may be made by e-mail to or call 865 805 1802
Spencer Williams Art 3121 Autumn Oaks Circle Kodak Tn 37764
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